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4 Essential Questions to Ask an Attorney before You Hire One

If another person’s reckless actions have injured you or someone that you care about, you’re likely thinking of pursuing legal action. However, before you hire an attorney, there are some questions that you should have answered. Hiring blindly can result in miscommunication between you and your attorney and you could end up unhappy. By asking the right questions early, you have a better chance of getting an attorney that suits your needs for your particular case.

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4 Questions You Should Ask

Although there are many questions that you might want to have answered if you’re thinking of hiring an attorney for a personal injury case, there are several that you should be sure to have answered. Especially if you are unsure of what to ask, these four questions can help get you started:

  • What is your success rate for cases similar to mine?
  • How much should I expect to pay you for your services?
  • About how long will my case take?
  • Will I have access to you for the duration of the case?

These questions can help you get an idea of the way that your attorney works and of how his or her schedule will work with yours.

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