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Avoiding Aggressive Dog Attacks

Many individuals and families will have several pet dogs in their lifetime and will never be the victim of an attack. However, because dogs are unpredictable wild animals, no one can ever be fully protected against a dangerous dog attack.

By familiarizing yourself with some of the leading causes of dog attacks, especially in aggressive dogs, you can decrease the likelihood that you will be the victim of a damaging or potentially deadly dog attack.

  1. Never approach a dog while it is sleeping, eating, or nursing pups. When a dog is eating or nursing, it will likely feel protective and territorial and will lash out against intruders, even familiar ones, to protect their food and their puppies. When a dog is sleeping and is suddenly woken, it is very likely that it will revert to its natural instincts and defend itself aggressively against a possible predator or intruder.
  2. Do not approach unfamiliar dogs. There is no way for you tell whether an unfamiliar dog is friendly or aggressive, and so to be safe you should not approach dogs you do not know in case they react defensively to your approach.
  3. Do not play too rough with a dog. By acting too aggressively with a dog, it may begin to regard you as another dog rather than its master, and as such, will react to you aggressively as it would another dog.
  4. Be careful when approaching a dog in its territory. Most household pets have a corner of the house or blanket that they consider their territory. If you approach a dog suddenly in this area, it may get defensive and feel the need to protect its territory with an attack.

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