Baby Walker

Babies face many dangers, both to their health and to their safety. While most people may not expect it, one major source of danger to both health and safety is the baby walker. Baby walkers are devices that are meant to help babies walk. They consist of a rod or a circle held up by several legs that have wheels on them. When a baby holds the pole or the circle, it can stand upright and walk by pushing its feet against the ground, an act that causes the wheels of the baby walker to roll.

Frighteningly, over 25,000 babies are injured every year because of baby walkers. While this may seem like a small number since 3 million baby walkers are sold every year, 25,000 babies is a large number in absolute terms. Of all of the baby walker injuries, an overwhelming amount, 96 percent, involves babies falling down stairs, and a large amount of the injuries, about 69 percent, occur when an adult is supervising a baby. Because of the nature of the accidents, most babies suffer severe damage to their heads. These injuries often include skull fractures and concussions.

To combat the dangers of baby walkers, many standards have been developed. One is that baby walker must be a minimum width so that babies cannot walk through doorways and the down stairs. Another suggestion has been to remove the wheels on baby walkers so that a baby can walk only in place. Finally, some baby walkers are designed so that when one leg of the baby walker goes off a stair, the other legs lock up so that the baby walker is unable to move any further.

Although many baby walker injuries result because the supervising adults are negligent, it is also possible for baby walkers themselves to be the problem by not meeting safety standards. If you feel that your baby has been injured because of a faulty baby walker, you may be able to secure damages.

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