Boating in America

Recreational boating has become one of the most celebrated pastimes in American pop culture. Whether it is a party on a private yacht, featuring the very best in wine and food, or a simple fishing trip on the local river, boats have become deftly integrated into the American lifestyle.

As the number of individuals who own boats increases, so do the number of opportunities for disaster. In 2006, there were 710 recorded boat fatalities. Of these deaths, the causes varied with each specific situation. They ranged from carbon monoxide poisoning to serious trauma to boating under the influence.

One report outlines the death of an elderly man and his eight-year-old grandson. Apparently, the boat that they used did not meet the buoyancy and stability requirements mandated by the authorities. As a result, the man and his grandson entered into a boat race that was unknowingly dangerous.

The man and his grandson died. Accidents like this should not take place. Any life lost is a detriment to the overall health of the American community. Boat manufacturers have a responsibility to the citizens of the United States to make sure that each boat sold meets the standards set by the governing body of boating.

In these moments where life hangs in the balance, it is important to know that when disaster strikes, you do have options. It may be beneficial to employ the knowledge of an experienced personal injury lawyer, who knows what victims go through and is able to let companies know of their responsibility.

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