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Car and Bicycle Accidents

Car accidents can be incredibly dangerous. The injuries sustained can be very severe, and can even lead to the death of the people involved. However, there are accidents involving cars that are even more dangerous than the collision of two or more cars. The damage that is often associated with a car/bicycle collision is almost always severe, if not fatal.

When a car hits a bicycle, the chances of these severe injuries are far greater than in a car crash. This is because, unlike a car, a bicycle has absolutely no protection from crashes. Cars are designed to absorb energy in a crash so that the driver and passengers will be protected. A bicycle does not have any of the safety features that a car does, so the rider is left to face the full impact of a collision.

In any collision, the speed of the vehicles can be a major factor in determining how bad the damage and injury will be. Two cars hitting each other at 70mph will cause more damage than at 30mph. The same is true when a car hits a bicycle. However, because of the lack of protection, lower speeds are far more dangerous than they would be in a car.

Bicycles can often travel between 20 and 30mph. If a car hits this bicycle going 30mph, the results can be severe. Serious injury and death are far more likely in this scenario than they would be in the impact between two cars.

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