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Car and Pedestrian Accidents

Car accidents are very dangerous. When a car is involved in a collision, it transfers all of its force into whatever it hits. Cars are large, heavy, and can travel at high speeds, so the amount of force transferred during a collision can be extremely powerful and destructive. The more force transferred to the object, the more damage the collision causes overall.

Some things are capable of absorbing a great deal of force before being damaged. People, however, are not a part of this category. It does not take a lot of force to cause injury to the human body. This means that if a car hits a person, the injuries sustained can be severe. This becomes more and more true the faster the car is traveling at the time of collision.

Unfortunately, there are many different reasons that a car might hit a pedestrian. The driver could fall asleep at the wheel or could be drunk. Perhaps the driver just temporarily loses control of his or her vehicle. Whatever the reason for the collision, the injuries suffered do not change. If a car hits a pedestrian, the chances of severe injury or death are extremely high.

The faster the car is traveling, the more likely the pedestrian will be severely injured or killed. This is usually avoidable, but it does happen.

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