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Causes of Swimming Pool Injuries

Swimming pools can be a fun way to relax and enjoy a hot afternoon, but they can also be very dangerous. In the US, six people drown in swimming pools every day. The most common kind of childhood drowning takes place in a privately owned swimming pool. If a person has a swimming pool on their property and allows other people to visit, they are accepting responsibility for any injuries received on their property that they could have reasonably foreseen and prevented.

Reasonable ways to avoid injuries on one’s property include testing and maintaining safety equipment, informing guests about basic safety rules (such as what parts of the pool can be dived into), and most importantly, keeping a close eye on any small children in the area. A property owner who fails to do one or more of these for their guests may be legally responsible for any injuries that occur. In addition, pool owners have a responsibility to keep their area safe for any children in the neighborhood, whether those children are guests or not. If a person fails to secure their property, and a child gets into their pool and is injured, that person can be held responsible.

Another cause of swimming pool injuries is faulty equipment such as diving boards, ladders, pool drains, and outdoor lighting. If the property owner could not have reasonably known about these defects when inviting guests over, the manufacturer of the poorly designed equipment may be found responsible instead. If injuries are caused by a flaw in the structure of the pool itself, the person responsible for designing or constructing the pool may become the defendant in a lawsuit.

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