City Bus Accidents

Every day, millions of people board city buses across the country to get from home to work or school and back again. A cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice, this form of public transportation is generally seen as a safe and hassle-free alternative to driving.

However, public busses are not free from the possibility of a serious accident. In fact, thousands of passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists sustain serious injuries due to bus crashes annually. Bus drivers are under pressure to keep to an often-demanding schedule, and this can cause them to take risks that most others would avoid. Sadly, in a packed bus, the number of people affected by another’s single act of negligence can be extremely high.

In one recent case, a New York woman whose leg had to be amputated after she was struck by a city bus was awarded over $27 million. The driver was found 100 percent guilty for negligence that led to her injury. The city is sure to appeal the court’s decision in hopes of reducing this amount, although it is obvious that no monetary compensation could ever cover the depth of the suffering and emotional trauma this woman had to endure and will continue to face for the rest of her life.

Sometimes it is not the driver who is at fault for these incidents but poor bus maintenance and mechanical failure. A tire blowout or poor brake upkeep can spell disaster for a bus moving at high speeds, through crowded streets, or making a tight turn.

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