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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb Safety

There is much discussion about the new, energy saving light bulbs called compact fluorescent light bulbs or CFLs, and their possible permanent place in United States homes and businesses. There has been an equal amount of talk concerning the safety of these bulbs.

CFLs have quickly become common in millions of homes throughout the United States because they save energy and thus save a good deal of money. The bulbs were originally marketed as the bulb that lasts up to ten times longer than the traditional incandescent light bulb.

CFLs are basically condensed versions of their large scale fluorescent bulb predecessors. Most fluorescent bulbs are only used in large areas such as schools, large stores, or office building atriums. These large bulbs are generally out of reach of most people who come into the area and thus must be replaced by professionals who are used to dealing with fluorescent bulbs.

Fluorescent bulbs are inherently dangerous when dropped because they contain potentially dangerous levels of mercury. Compact fluorescent light bulbs also contain mercury and can be dangerous when accidentally broken. The main problem with fluorescent light bulb use in homes is that they are much more likely to be broken than those that are used in professional buildings.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb Safety

If a CFL bulb breaks in your home, do the following:

  • Open windows and air out the area
  • Clean up the light bulb with a tough cloth
  • Dispose of safely

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