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Dangerous Day Cares

Many parents would be deeply disturbed if they were able to see the type of care that their children are receiving when they are at work. Every parent wants the best for their children and they expect that the day care they use will treat their children as if they were their own. However, this is all too often not the case.

The number of single parents and double income households increases significantly each year. As a result, day cares are in higher demand than they ever were before. This demand, sadly, has resulted in an influx of day care facilities with subpar care. It is difficult to tell what standard of care a day care has, as many day care employees put on a different face when parents pick up and drop off their children. But the same people that greet parents with a smile as they put their children in their care may enact gross negligence while caring for children throughout the day.

Many day cares have very poor staff to child ratios and any one worker will have way more children to take care of than any one person could be expected to safely care for. The result is that many children are ignored. Some children will even go for hours with dirty diapers or will be left crying all day long.

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