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Dangers Associated with Temporary Structures

In every state across the country, there are large outdoor events like concerts, festivals, and carnivals where people can go to enjoy entertainment, culture, and food with friends and family. At almost every one of these events, promoters and designers rely on temporary structures like stages and tents. However, if these structures fail or are poorly constructed, they could cause severe injuries.

If you or someone you know has suffered a serious injury from a stage, tent, or other temporary structure collapse, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a qualified legal representative to discuss your options. At Habush Habush & Rottier S.C., our Green Bay injury lawyers will help you fight for financial compensation following a temporary structure collapse, so call us today at 800-242-2874 and schedule an initial consultation.

Structure Collapse Accidents

Event workers and property owners are required to provide a safe environment for all patrons and visitors. However, in some instances, these parties fail in their responsibility and innocent people are injured as a result. If you were injured because of the collapse of a temporary structure, you may be eligible for compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Prescription medication
  • Physical therapy or other types of rehabilitation
  • Lost wages while missing work
  • Pain and suffering

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