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Dangers in Plastics

Plastic is incredibly useful. You use plastic wrap and plastic containers to store your leftover food every day. You use plastic water bottles, both disposable and reusable, to take water with you anywhere you go. There is almost no end to how plastic helps you in other ways every day.

Unfortunately, the same plastic that helps you through convenience can also be dangerous. When plastic ware, such as the containers in which you store your food, is exposed to extreme temperatures, it releases toxins. These toxins are called dioxin carcinogens. They are highly toxic, and they lead to cancer. This is especially true for breast cancer.

These dioxin carcinogens are released from the plastic into your food or water. From there, you ingest the toxins, binding them to the cells in your body. This is what leads to the incidence of cancer. This, however, is very easy to avoid.

In order for these toxins to be released, the plastics must be exposed to extreme temperatures. These temperatures come from microwaving, freezing, and sometimes even using the dishwasher. In order to avoid exposure to these toxins, do not microwave or freeze plastics. Dishwashers can release these toxins, but it is far rarer than with microwaves or freezers. Unfortunately, the makers of plastic containers do not always put warnings on their products.

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