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Dangers of Lead Paint

Lead is an extremely dangerous material that is far too easy to find around the house. Lead has been used in a variety of ways when building houses. It has been a very popular substance for building through most of history. However, in the last few decades, doctors have come to find just how dangerous trace amounts of lead can be.

A very common form of lead in houses used to be lead based paint. This type of paint can be incredibly dangerous when it starts to decompose. Lead based paint very easily chips, and often decomposes into a fine powdery substance. Both of these can be very dangerous.

Lead based paint has a sweet taste to it that makes younger children more likely to eat the chips. This can cause serious developmental problems as well as physical health problems. Unfortunately, it takes a very small amount of lead introduced into the bloodstream to allow these problems to manifest.

It is less likely that adults will eat paint chips, but lead based paint is still very dangerous to everyone. If the paint disintegrates into a powder, that powder can become airborne. This causes everyone around to inhale trace amounts of lead. If this goes on long enough the consequences can be severe. Even minimal exposure, however, can be dangerous.

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