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Driving While Texting

Recently, safety analysts have been investigating the risks of driving while texting. Reports indicate that the hazards of driving while texting are serious enough to demand legislative attention. Many states have already implemented laws which prohibit the practice; however, enforcing the new laws is posing another problem.

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Dangers and Prevention

Reports have linked driving and texting to a number of roadway hazards. Drivers who are simultaneously texting have been associated with the following behaviors:

  • Slower reaction times
  • Decreased attentiveness
  • Frequent lane departures
  • Variability in lane positions
  • Impaired ability to detect hazards

Although many states have taken legislative action against driving and texting, enforcing the laws is quite difficult. Police officers must closely monitor drivers and their behavior in order to be certain that the driver is actually texting. Because operating a cell phone while driving is not prohibited, it is difficult for officers to differentiate between texting and calling behavior.

However, if a driver is caught texting, they will be written a ticket with a hefty fine.

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