Anyone who opts to play in or around water runs the risk of drowning. Many times, this is the last concern on people’s minds, especially if they are dealing with shallow water or are experienced swimmers. However, over 3,500 people in the United States die each year from drowning. This accounts for roughly 33% of all accidental deaths, annually. Clearly, drowning is more common than people may assume.

Why do People Drown?

The causes of drowning are varied, although there are certain trends that are more pronounced than others. Children are common victims of drowning accidents. Their small profiles in the water make them more difficult to spot, and they often are much less experienced with swimming than adults. People who allow their young kids to play in a water setting, such as a bathtub, a pool, or the ocean, should always ensure that proper supervision and boundaries are in place.

Alcohol is another main factor related to drowning incidents. It has played a major role in many adolescent and adult boating and recreation accidents on the water. Alcohol inhibits one’s ability to make decent decisions and properly control one’s body, resulting in dangerous and harmful accidents.

Recreational boating incidents are also major causes of water-related injuries and fatalities. People can be hit by boats, others may fall out, and other still could suffer injury from being tugged behind a boat going too fast, such as while water skiing. In 2006, 710 people died as a result of boating incidents. Commonly, alcohol is involved in these accidents.

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