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Fall Injuries and Construction

Construction sites can be very dangerous places to work. In fact, they are one of the most dangerous land-based areas to work. The height at which some construction sites require employees to work can cause serious injury or death if the employee falls. Construction companies are required to take certain precautions for the safety of the employees.

Some common construction site safety issues other than falls include:

  • Electrocution: There is a great deal of electrical equipment used in construction sites. Often, this equipment is dangerous to handle or be around.
  • Motor vehicle crashes: The numerous vehicles used in construction can lose control just like any other vehicle. This can lead to vehicles crashing into each other or other objects on site.
  • Machine malfunction: Every machine that is made could possibly malfunction. The nature of the work that construction machines do makes them susceptible to malfunction if they are not properly cared for.
  • Being struck by falling objects: People are not the only ones at risk of falling from great heights. If a tool or piece of hardware falls, it can cause serious damage to whatever it hits.

Construction sites can also be very dangerous for non-workers. Just passing by a construction site could be very dangerous. Road construction sites must either let traffic through or redirect it. However, this can cause more dangers. The signs and barricades that get put up can be very dangerous to cars.

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