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Farm Equipment Injuries

Farm workers are at the center of a functioning society. They help to plant, feed, and sow the fuel that humans need to live. But in order to perform these great feats and provide others with food, farm workers have to use many types of large scale machinery that is innately very dangerous. When this equipment is not properly maintained or safety standards are not strictly enforced, these workers can face serious injury and even death.

It is surprising for many people to hear that agriculture is among the most hazardous industries in the country. In fact, each year the agriculture industry sees more than 700 occupational fatalities and around 120,000 work related disabling injuries. More than 2 million Americans are employed each year in agriculture. But despite this significant number, there is still little government oversight of the agriculture industry. Thus few guidelines and restrictions exist when it comes to safety while using farm equipment.

Farm equipment used to sow and later process large fields of crops need to be very large and very sharp. Many employers fail to give their employees proper instruction on using the machines and the many steps that need to be taken in order ensure safety. If these safety steps are not taken, accidental amputations and death can occur.

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