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Floor Collapse Disaster

It is almost impossible to imagine the horror of the scene: one moment, hundreds of well-wishers are joyfully dancing in celebration of a marriage; in the next, without any sort of warning at all, the floor of the third story underneath of them gives way, plunging the guests into darkness and chaos. When the dust settles, 23 are dead and 380 injured.

Sadly, this is exactly what happened at a 2001 wedding in Jerusalem, turning what should have been the happiest day of the couple’s life into the worst civilian disaster in Israeli history. Moreover, we do not even have to imagine the scene, as the video footage of an amateur photographer capturing the moment spread instantly across the world.

This incident, known as the Versailles wedding hall disaster, shocked the millions of people who heard about it and saw the images on their televisions and computer screens, and brought awareness to the issue of structural integrity in buildings everywhere. An investigation determined gross negligence on the part of the building’s owners to have been the direct cause, resulting in several convictions of manslaughter and years of jail time.

Apparently, the owners had not only employed a cheaper, less stable method of construction and design, but had also made a deadly decision to remove support pillars below this floor in the weeks leading up to the accident.

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As the Versailles incident makes clear, few instances of negligence can have such awful, dramatic consequences as those involving the structural integrity of a building. If you or someone you love has been injured by a floor or roof caving, there is a great probability that the building’s proprietor was in some way responsible.

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