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Heat Related Illness

Sunny days can send millions of Americans scrambling to get outside to enjoy the weather in whatever way they see fit. Beaches fill up with sun bathers, parks burst at the seams with sports enthusiasts throwing Frisbees or playing a makeshift game of flag football and joggers hit the road or the trails to get some exercise in. But while sunny days are a great time to enjoy the outdoors, they also pose their own threats. Those treats include a variety of heat related illnesses.

Becoming physically exhausted under the mid-day sun can result in minor irritations to fatal illnesses. These include:

  • Heat rash-even minor sun exposure can result in this skin irritation which appears in the form of a red cluster of pimples or small blisters.
  • Heat cramps-athletes are affected by this heat illness. Anyone participating in strenuous activity in the heat can develop painful muscle spasms in the arms, legs or abdomen.
  • Heat exhaustion-this is a form of hyperthermia, which is when the body experiences elevated temperatures.
  • Heat stroke-this is a much more severe form of hyperthermia than heat exhaustion and can result in death if not swiftly detected and treated.

Heat related illnesses can be prevented by breaking up direct sun exposure and drinking enough fluids to rehydrate the body.

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