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Helicopter Accidents

Much is made of accidents involving airliners, and with good reason. The pilot of a jumbo jet literally holds the fate of hundreds of people in his hands, with a crash therefore almost always constituting a major news event. However, comparatively little attention is paid to another and far more common air disaster: helicopter accidents.

Helicopters are extremely convenient modes of transportation, helping people navigate tight areas and travel small distances in a manner that would be impractical for airplanes. They also come in handy for sight-seeing tours, and have proven invaluable for news reporting, law enforcement, and emergency medical response.

Unfortunately, helicopters are also incredibly dangerous. Helicopter accidents are a staggering ninety times more likely to occur than those involving planes, resulting in hundreds of deaths across the globe every year.

In the United States, the National Transportation Safety Board recently reported nearly 2,000 accidents and over 550 fatalities related to helicopters in 2002 alone.

Reasons for Helicopter Accidents

One problem involved in helicopter risk deals directly with why they are also so helpful. Their smaller size makes them much more prone to being affected by inclement weather, and maintenance is always a major concern. Common factors involved in helicopter accidents include:

  • Pilot negligence
  • Engine failure
  • Issues with craft design
  • Inclement weather
  • Air traffic interference
  • Safety violations

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