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Injuries from High School Sports

There are many positive aspects to high school sports. Sports teach adolescents important lessons in self-discipline, hard work, team work, timeliness, and good sportsmanship all while promoting a healthy lifestyle now and in the future. But every year, often due to the negligence of school employees, 1.4 million adolescents are injured while playing or practicing for high school sports.

Certain sports hold a higher chance for injury. Parents with children participating in the following sports should preach the importance of sports safety. The sports most likely to cause accidents as reported by the Center for Disease Control include:

  • Football
  • Wrestling
  • Soccer
  • Basketball

Although sports-related injuries have dropped to almost half of what they once were, accidents are still a pressing issue and proper precaution should be taken by students and coaches alike while on or off the playing field.

If certain extra steps are taken to ensure the safety of everyone involved in each high school sport, injuries can be avoided for the most part. Coaches should encourage players to:

  • Avoid practicing in extreme heat for long hours to avoid potential heat sicknesses and heat stroke
  • Take routine breaks to lower the heart rate and re-hydrate
  • Stay away from wet surfaces during practices or games. Sweat or spilled drinks are potential slipping hazards which can result in ripped tendons and even broken bones
  • Stick to the rules of the game. If adolescents are encouraged to never commit fouls such as pushing or tripping, accidents on both teams can be avoided.

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