Motorbike Injuries

Motorbikes provide a great source of high-octane excitement and adventure for thousands of daring individuals across the nation. However, with this added thrill comes the increased danger that greater exposure to the elements on a bike entails. Fatalities for this form of transportation are significantly higher than those from most other automobiles.

The statistics that confirm this point are difficult to refute:

  • Passenger car accidents register at around 20 per 100,000 registered vehicles, as compared to around 75 per 100,000 for motorbikes
  • Major causes of cycle accidents in the United States are 1) motorists pulling in front of cyclists 2) the cyclists running through wide turns
  • The rate of fatalities from accidents is over 28 times higher for motorcycle accidents than for those involving motor vehicles

Many of the injuries that occur when a motorcycle crashes end up costing thousands of dollars in hospitalization and medical expenses, and even more in unearned wages from lost job time.

In most U.S. counties, riding a motorbike (also known as a motorcycle) requires separate steps of registration for proposes of taxation and licensing. Within the field of motorcycles, subcategories exist for different levels of engine power, including mopeds of up to 49 cc.

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