Rollover Accidents

Car accidents can be very frightening experiences with the potential to seriously injure or even kill the individuals involved. Often, these traumatizing incidents leave the occupants feeling frazzled and out-of-sorts for a long while afterwards. When the vehicle rolls, the potential for death or severe injury increases.

Taller vehicles are at more of a risk of rolling when the driver loses control or experiences a collision with another automobile. SUV’s, vans, and trucks tend to have higher centers of gravity that makes it much easier for them to topple.

In 2001, over 10,000 people were killed in rollover accidents. This number amounted to approximately 32% of all car wreck fatalities for that year. Most of the fatal rollovers occurred at night and only involved one vehicle. Most of these accidents involved alcohol as well, which might have prompted the operator to drive faster than usual. Nonetheless, rollover accidents clearly are extremely dangerous and put the occupants at a higher risk of sustaining serious injuries.

Rollover accidents typically occur when the car becomes unstable while taking a turn. The sharper the turn, the more likely the vehicle is to lose its balance, particularly if its center of gravity is relatively high and its track width (the distance between the wheels on either side) is narrow.

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