Tetanus Facts

Tetanus, known to some as lockjaw, is a very dangerous disease that has the potential to severely injure or even kill an individual when it is left untreated. While it isn’t a terribly common disease, anyone who suffers a deep cut in a setting where dust, dirt, or manure may be present is susceptible to the infection. Typically, whenever someone receives a puncture wound from a rusty nail, it is recommended that he or she schedule a Tetanus vaccine right away.

Tetanus is caused by a bacterium that lives in soil called Clostridium tetani. It can live for decades in its spore state before it enters human skin and reverts back to the active status. Once it begins multiplying inside the body, this bacteria releases the toxin tetanospasmin, which causes the tetanus disease in people. Tetanospasmin prevents the transmission of certain neurological signals throughout the body, thus resulting in large, continuous muscle contractions. At its worse, the diaphragm may submit to these spasms, rendering the affected individual unable to breathe.

People who develop tetanus exhibit certain symptoms over time. In the early stages, they might experience cramping, difficulty in swallowing, and soreness or weakness in their muscles. As the disease progresses, the victims begin to develop muscle spasms. In the final stages, the disease will affect the breathing muscles. This typically results in death.

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