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Tips for Driving Safely in Winter Conditions

Snow and ice can cause vehicles to skid across roadways, fall into ditches, or collide with other vehicles. The best way to avoid accidents in winter weather is to avoid driving at all. However, even in poor conditions, people are often still expected to get to work or school and must travel to the grocery store.

If you must drive in winter conditions, keep the following safety tips in mind at all times and use added caution to prevent accidents and injuries:

  • Reduce your speed and keep a large distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Turn on your lights to help other drivers see your vehicle.
  • If you need to slow down, press your brakes softly. If your brakes lock, gently ease up on the pressure.
  • Use low gears when climbing or going down hills to help maintain control and to avoid locking your brakes.
  • Use caution with 4-wheel-drive vehicles, which can still skid and slip in icy and snowy conditions.
  • Do not pass snow plows and sanders, as conditions in front of these vehicles have likely not been cleared and are likely much more dangerous.

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