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Toaster Oven Hazards

When you wake up in the morning and slide a few pieces of toast into your toaster oven and then turn your concentration towards your daily cup of coffee or tea, you probably don’t realize that a threat to you, your family and your home could be in the works. This is because toaster ovens are one of the most common causes of house fires.

How Toaster Oven Fires Happen

Toaster ovens collect a good deal of food particles that fall to the bottom of the appliance over time. The ovens are usually hard to clean and bulky, which leads owners to often set them and forget them. Unlike microwaves, the food that falls to the bottom is hard to see and does not make an unsightly mess.

When a microwave is dirty it practically speaks out to beg the next person who uses it to clean it out. But the toaster over tends to continue collecting particles which fall near the burners of the oven. Over time the particles become big enough that the heat in the toaster oven can set the particles on fire. Because the toaster oven is an electrical appliance, you will have both a conventional and electric fire on your hands.

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