Toys for Toddlers

Children are probably the most heart-inspiring human beings on the planet. Most individuals will admit that having a child is a life-changing experience. It is for this reason that parents will do almost anything for that child. They desire to make the child happy, to give that child the very best that it needs and deserves, simply for being alive.

For the longest while, toys have served as the conduit for emotional expression from parent to child. “Mommy, I want that!” is a usual expression that is almost music to the parent’s ears. To know that you could potentially make your child the happiest individual on earth is a gift that every parent wants.

However, there are rules of thumb that should be followed in order to make sure that you do not buy a toy that is inappropriate for your child. In your cases, the child may want something that is for an age group much older than he. He may not understand that the toy might be a bit too dangerous for him. It is up to the parent to ultimately decide.

The Consumers Union of the United States has put together some guidelines that should help in making the appropriate decisions. The guide is based on levels of development. Between ages one and three, playtime becomes tactile and mobile. During this time, the child is more likely to put objects in his or her mouth, so as to stimulate the senses. Between ages three and six, the child becomes the master of make-believe. He can thrust himself into a world specific to his liking.

Parents must be aware of these conditions. Sometimes toy companies make devices that are dangerous for the specific age group. It’s good to know that when a corporate toy firm exercises negligence, you have options.

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