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Treadmill Accidents

Treadmills are a staple of virtually any home gym or commercial indoor workout center. These and related devices, such as stair step and elliptical machines, provide an invaluable service for people looking to get a good cardiovascular workout in while avoiding difficult weather conditions.

Unfortunately, as commonplace as they are, treadmills are also at the heart of a number of extremely serious accidents every year involving both users and those around them. Despite the implementation of new safety features, treadmills can still achieve extremely high speeds, with overeager users occasionally falling victim to slips and spills.

Amazingly, even with heavy weight-training equipment appearing in more and more homes, the seemingly harmless treadmill remains the number one source of exercise-equipment injuries in the nation. While most of these occurrences involve smaller problems such as cuts, scrapes, and bruises, the fast-moving parts of a treadmill can also cause serious friction burns.

Keeping children away from treadmills is at the top of the list when it comes to making sure those you love are safe. Other than being susceptible to greater bodily harm form the same sorts of incidents that befall adults, kids may also fall victim to strangulation from treadmill cords dangling from a ceiling or wrapped around a bar.

Electrical outlets are also of concern for any responsible parent. Always unplug treadmills when they are not in use and make sure the cords are hung out of reach, at least five feet above the floor.

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