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Two Tricky Ways Insurance Companies Will Fight Your Claim

Have you recently purchased an auto insurance policy and are wondering if you will truly be compensated in the event of an accident? Insurance sales representatives make your policy sound safe and straightforward, but that is not always the case. An auto accident is a traumatizing experience. Immediately following an accident, though your focus may be on recovery, is the ideal time to begin your insurance claim. That is when your memory is freshest and you have the greatest chance of success regarding your claim.

Insurance companies task adjusters with minimizing payouts through a wide variety of methods and maneuvering. While they initially appear to be on your side, your adjuster ultimately works for the insurance company and has its best interest in mind, not yours. The last thing you want following an auto accident is a long, drawn out claim. After all, you need to get back to work and back on the road. This gives your insurance company leverage, and you can be sure they will use it to avoid paying a fair settlement in a timely manner. Hiring a lawyer is an excellent strategy for dealing with a difficult and unruly insurance company. An experienced insurance claim attorney can help you combat common tactics employed by insurance companies, such as:

  • Delaying claims is hugely advantageous to the insurance company. They will bide their time while hospital bills place pressure on you or your family. Lengthening your claim not only increases the odds of you accepting a smaller settlement, it gives the insurance company more time to profit off your settlement through a network of investments.
  • Accepting a quick, low settlement benefits your insurance provider. Companies frequently attempt to take advantage of your financial desperation by offering a quick solution to your financial woes. Settling early keeps your case out of court, where legal bills and higher odds of a larger compensation package take the advantage away from your insurance provider.

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