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Wheelchair Accidents and Malfunctions

Millions of people around the world depend on wheelchairs and similar forms of physical aid to get around. Innovations such as the electric wheelchair have made life significantly easier for many of these individuals.

In spite of their usefulness and the simple but unimaginable ability of freedom they provide, wheelchairs are as prone to malfunction and accidents as any other form of transportation. A loose bolt, ill-fitting wheel, poor brakes, a catch on the pavement – all of these and hundreds of other factors can lead to a serious and potentially life-threatening fall, depending on the circumstances of the accident and the health of the victim.

Safety Tips for Wheelchair Users

Unfortunately, we are likely overlook wheelchair maintenance and safe usage, believing these devices to be essentially hazard-free. Keeping the following points in mind is a good way to minimize the risk of a wheelchair accident:

  • Routinely inspect a wheelchair’s brakes and all other moving parts. When in doubt, never ride in a chair that may be unsound.
  • Do not attempt to hop curbs, tilt the chair without assistance, or pick things up by bending down between the knees. Also watch for ice or water on ramps, and do not climb any incline greater than 9 degrees.
  • If assisting someone in a wheelchair, always let him or her know what actions you are taking and avoid sharp, unexpected movements.

Injuries from wheelchairs are not always the fault of the user. In fact, in a number of cases, poor components and assembly have led to preventable or unnecessary accidents. Premise liability and the responsibilities of any assistant may play a role as well.

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