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Med Mal Lawsuit in St. Louis

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Two years ago, Janet Orschell, passed away after suffering medical complications and hypovolemic shock. Her husband, Clarence Orschell, has now failed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the medical centers allegedly responsible for her death. These centers include Vascular and Hand Surgery, Ltd., St. Louis University, Dr. Roland Mawis, and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.

Orschell claims that the medical staff and doctor failed to properly diagnosis his wife’s hypovolemic shock and did not treat her for it in a timely manner, resulting in her death. Had the order been made for “a type and cross match of packed blood cells” been made in a timely manner, his wife might still be alive.

We place our trust in the hands of doctors and other medical staff. It is reasonable to expect a certain standard of medical care and when this standard is not upheld by doctors and medical staff, you have the legal right to seek damages for your illness or injury. Consult an experienced attorney to guide you through the legal process.