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19 Agencies Sign on to SART

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19 different agencies have signed on to the Brown County Sexual-Assault Response Team, or SART. This program requires additional training for law enforcement officers in order to help them provide support to victims as well as improve their ability to catch the offenders. It is estimated that only 25% of attacks are reported.

The new program assigns a victim advocate to the victim. This is to help the victim get in contact with support groups and counseling following their attack. Much of the lack of reporting is thought to be attributed to embarassment, among other things.

The other big addition to the program is a new computer tracking method. The new computer program allows officers to see all of the reported sexual assaults in an area and be able to read all of the details of the case. This is designed to help them track patterns in assault and lead to an increase in the number of cases that are solved.

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