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Dog Bite Prompts Lawsuit

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Bourbon Street Bar and Grill in Granite City, Illinois, is now facing a lawsuit after a dog on the property attacked one of the patrons of the property. Shelia Sydnor claims that she was knocked to the ground and seriously injured by a dog located on the property. She claims to have sustained serious injuries as a result of the fall.

Sydnor states in the lawsuit that she was lawfully on the defendant’s property when a dog came out of nowhere and knocked her to the ground. She sustained injuries to ther thumb and ulnar collateral ligament. She seeks damages for her injuries after learning that the Illinois Animal Control Act states that she is permitted to sue the defendants for the cost of her medical bills, lost wages, and damages.

Sydnor claims that the dog owner’s neglience was the cause of her injuries. She states that the dog was allowed to roam free inside of the restaurant and that the owner of the animal did nothing to warn her of any possible danger.

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