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Former Bar Owner Convicted of Negligence after Fire Stunt

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 After fire officials had twice warned a downtown bar about the dangers of a ‘stunt,’ a judge ruled that fire officials could testify in a case against Adam Ward, the bar owner, who burned the chest, neck and face of a woman while performing the stunt.  Firehouse Bar, a popular downtown night spot, regularly performed a stunt where the surface of a bar was lit on fire.

Ward was convicted Friday for the negligent use of fire, and faces up to 3 ½ years in prison.  While performing the popular stunt, which goes in accordance to Johnny Cash’s song “Ring of Fire,” the bottle of alcohol exploded.

Judge Kendall Kelley of the Brown County Circuit admitted two, Green Bay Fire Department officers as witnesses, who had warned Ward about the dangerous stunt.  The matter was then elevated to criminal negligence as prosecutors argued Ward was aware of the dangers and disregarded the warnings.

A plea agreement was reached.  Ward was able to plead ‘no contest.’

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