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Man Seriously Injured After Dog Bite

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A 73-year-old man was attacked by a neighbor’s Pitbull and suffered severe leg injuries.  Apparently, the dog has bitten the man several times and nothing has been done to contain the animal.    

The dog is 5-years-old, and bit the man around 7:30p.m that evening.  At one point, a knife was used by the victim in attempt to fight the dog, and to get him to release the hold on his calf, but the dog did not let go right away. 

The victim was transferred to a local hospital, and the dog was taken away by local authorities.  Its fate has not yet been determined. 

Obviously, the victim has rights to receive compensation from the owner of the Pit bull for his injuries and suffering.  If you  have been attacked by an animal, and nothing has been done, you need to contact your Greenbay personal injury attorney at 800-242-2874 to get help right away.