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Appleton man charged with sexual assault

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An Appleton man will soon stand trial for sexually assualting an 11-year old girl from Chicago whom he had met on the internet.  The 24-year old man drove more than 400 miles to Chicago from Appleton to pick up the girl and bring her back to his apartment.  The two claimed they were in love.

Court Commissioner Brian Figy ordered a $100,000 bond for the man and stated, "We have allegations essentially of the defendant trolling for teenagers over state lines."

Records state that the man met the girl on the internet and the two then began chatting online and talking on the phone.  Police say that the sexual assault occurred after bringing the girl back to his apartment.  "Our first goal is to make sure this 11-year old child is taken care of gets all the services she needs and get her reunited with her family," said Appleton Police Department's Sgt. Pat DeWall.