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Four Loko drink maker sued for wrongful death

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The manufacturer of Four Loko beverages, Phusion Projects, was recently sued for wrongful death by the family of a 15-year old boy who was killed in an accident after drinking two of the highly caffeinated, alcoholic drinks.  The boy drank two Four Lokos at a concert after purchasing them at a convenience store.  

Later that evening, concert officials were forced to call the teen's mother to pick him up due to his erratic behavior.  According to the lawsuit, drinks like Four Loko which combine caffeine and alcohol "desensitize users to the symptoms of intoxication and increases the potential for alcohol-related harm."  The lawsuit argues that Phusion Projects was "careless and negligent" for manufacting the products and marketing them towards young adults and teens.

As his mother drove him home, the 15-year old got out of the vehicle and began running down the road.  He continued onto a busy highway and was struck by another car.  The next day, the boy passed away.