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Law affecting civil suits against long-term care providers gets flak

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Wisconsin residents are feeling the effects of a law passed two years ago that changes how civil suits brought against long-term providers, which include nursing homes and hospices, can be handled, saying that negligent providers might be given an advantage.

Karen Nichols-Palmerton of Menomonie pressed charges against Aurora Residential Alternatives after the institution allegedly neglected to inform her for four months that her 32-year-old son, in-patient Joshua Wahl who was suffering from brain damage and lower body paralysis, had bedsores.

Nichols-Palmerton only knew about her son’s condition through a state health department investigation report she later uncovered.

However, the alleged injustice might not be properly righted or the family given proper compensation due to the passage of this recent law that took effect on February 2011 and prevents civilian plaintiffs from presenting state health investigation records as evidence in civil lawsuits.

These records were also deemed inadmissible in criminal cases where plaintiffs sued for neglect against health care providers.

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