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Plea deal keeps hit-and-run driver out of prison

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42-year-old Mark Sperber, the Forestville resident who caused the 2011 fatal hit-and run accident, will not be returning to prison as per a recent plea deal.

On Jan. 25, 2011, 20-year-old John Kennedy riding in his wheelchair along the road when Sperber struck him with his Ford F-150. Sperber claimed that he thought he hit a garbage can and left the scene, repairing his vehicle the following day.

Sperber has been in prison for 759 days since 2011. Brown County Circuit Judge William Atkinson, because of Sperber’s recent no contest plea to the charge, sentenced Sperber to the time he already served in prison, effectively releasing him from prison. Atkinson had the option to sentence Sperber to a maximum term of 25 years of imprisonment.

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