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Wife sues when routine procedure results in brain injury and death

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Thirty-four-year-old Donna Disch, the wife of 37-year-old Monticello, Wisconsin resident Travis Disch, is suing St. Mary’s and Dean Clinic in Madison for the events surrounding her husband’s death, The Wisconsin State Journal reported on September 13.

Disch died last year after a routine endoscopy procedure in which, according to Donna Disch, he was given too much sedative and was not properly monitored by nurses. In the complaint filed, it is stated that Disch died from irreversible brain trauma that resulted from a lack of oxygen during the endoscopy.

The endoscopy was performed on Disch on Sept. 17, 2013 at the Dean and St. Mary’s Outpatient Center at St. Mary’s. He died six days later on September 23.

The medical malpractice lawsuit seeks damages for the wife, Donna, and their children, girls aged nine and six.

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