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Green Bay policeman conducts seminar to discuss dangers of OWI

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Green Bay police officer Mike Knetzger held a seminar on December 3 at Rasmussen College that served as an awareness presentation on the dangers of operating while intoxicated in commemoration of his 18-year-old stepdaughter, Ashley Britsch-Knetzger, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reported.

Britsch-Knetzger and her friend Talhia Heroux were both killed when a drunk driver slammed into their vehicle in 2008.

Knetzger now spends his time raising Ashley’s siblings along with Ashley’s mother and his wife, Lisa, and advocating for the elimination of drunk driving in Wisconsin. Through his work, he aims to spread the word against OWI and hopes to inspire other people to help victims of drunken driving, encourage young people to never drive under the influence, and commend state agencies whenever they institute programs that seek to curb the occurrences of drunken driving.

In Wisconsin, over 3,400 locals have at least six convictions for operating while intoxicated, while at least 1,340 residents have a record of at least seven OWI charges, state data from 2012 showed.

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