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Swimming and diving are popular activities, but many may not be aware of just how common serious swimming pool accidents have become in recent years. Every year, more than three thousand people drown in swimming pools and the number of pool injuries continues to rise each year.

Injuries to the spinal cord, brain, as well as fractured bones and heads are the most common types of injury in swimming pool accidents. Although some swimming pool injuries are minor, permanent brain damage or spinal cord injuries can result from accidents. The assumption that swimming pools are the only place that a person may drown is a dangerous one. Other areas that pose a threat are sinks, fish tanks, bathtubs, toilets, hot tubs, ponds, and spas.

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Common causes of swimming pool accidents include:

  • Inadequate supervision of children;
  • Inadequate instruction and training.
  • Failure to maintain the pool in safe condition;
  • Improperly designed or constructed pools;
  • Failure to secure pools from children;
  • Lack of safety equipment and inadequate warnings;

Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® have a team of talented Green Bay swimming and diving lawyers. With years of experience fighting for the rights of those injured while swimming or diving, the Green Bay team is prepared to handle your case. In some cases, the pool owner or manager may be held liable for your injuries.

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