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Memorial Hermann Hospital Under Fire for Medical Malpractice

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Lester Thomas died of an infection at Memorial Hermann hospital shortly after an X-ray revealed that a nasogastric tube was lodged in Thomas’ right lung. The widow and daugther of Thomas are now bringing their malpractice claim against the hospital to court, claiming that they believe their husband and father suffered medical abuse while he was a patient at the hospital.

Patsy, the widow or Thomas, stayed by her husband’s side as he was admitted for a benign tumor in his rectum. A year after his surgery, a routine X-ray revealed a nasogastric tube sitting in Thomas’ right lung. Thomas died from pneumonia shortly after this discovery.

Patsy claims that the tube that was left inside her husband by doctors was the cause for his pneumonia and his eventual death. A nurse testified in court stating that she believed something was out of place with the patient after his surgery.

The medical malpractice suit seeks damages for emotional pain, Thomas’ pain and suffering, wrongful death, and survival damages.

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