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Recalled Aqua Dots Cause Child’s Sickness

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The Target Corporation and Spin Master Inc face a lawsuit from a Houston couple who’s son became ill after ingesting the product of a recalled toy. The toy, Aqua Dots, is a craft toy kit that includes small liquid beads that fuse together when sprayed with water. Manufactured in China, the toy was meant to be made with a nontoxic compound, however, they were instead coated with an industrial solvent. When ingested, this solvent, butanediol is converted by the body into GHB, commonly known as the date rape drug.

It was not until one month after the initial recall of the defective product that Eddie and Summer Gerrald’s 1 year old son swallowed a bead and experienced the terrible effects of the solvent. The possible effects of the drug include: depression of the central nervous system, unconsciousness, comas, seizures, and even death.

The lawsuit claims that the defendants failed to properly market their product and the couple also argues that the dangerous manufacturing, distribution and selling of the product was a clear breach of implied warranties, not to mention recklessly negligent.

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