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Experts say MN man was subjected to unnecessary biopsy

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Two neurology experts are aiding in the medical malpractice case filed by a Minnesota man who developed serious cerebral dysfunction after having an unnecessary biopsy.  Both neurologists agree that the doctors at St. Luke's Hospital in Duluth should have realized that the man was not in an emergency situation and waited to perform tests instead of the biospy.

The man went to the hospital in February 2006 with numbness in his left arm — a symptom of stroke.  A doctor that examined him at the hospital misinterpreted the now 79-year old man's symptoms as a possible brain tumor and decided to take a brain biopsy two days after the patient's admittance. 

As a result of the biopsy, the man suffers brain injury, cerebral disfunction, cognitive defects, loss of the ability to walk, and speech impairment.  One of the expert neurologists testified that the man's medical history — which included diabetes, hypertension, and vascular disease — suggest that it is more likely he would suffer a stroke than have a brain tumor.

"It would have been very prudent to basically do nothing except check his heart and his cartoid artery," said one of the experts.  Furthermore, they argued that the patient could have stayed in the hospital for up to 7 days for testing.  

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