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Woman challenges law capping UWH malpractice damages at $250,000

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Terri Fiez of Verona has made plans to challenege a 1979 Wisconsin law that caps malpractice damages against University of Wisconsin doctors at $250,000, according to the Sheboygan Press in late July.

In fact, patients who file medical malpractice lawsuits against Wisconsin doctors in other hospitals and win are entitled to much greater compensation, as awards for medical expenses are not capped, while pain and suffering damages are given a ceiling of $750,000.

Jeff Pittman, president of the Wisconsin Association for Justice, a group of lawyers that lobbies for higher damage awards, said it isn’t clear why it hasn’t been challenged before.

Fiez was awarded $1.8 million on July 1 for the wrongful death claim regarding her 61-year-old husband, Robert, who died four days after UW’s cardiologist Dr. Jonathan Keevil let him go home without conducting a lung clot test on him in 2010.

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