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Illinois company fined for accident at Tomahawk plant

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Illinois-based Packaging Corp. of America was cited for 30 safety violations, including failing to provide proper safety equipment and improperly storing hazardous materials, and was ordered to pay a fine of more than $185,000 by federal officials in early September. The citations resulted from an accident that occurred at the company’s paper mill in Tomahawk, Wisconsin last March wherein a worker was burned while trying to light a steam boiler.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration spokesman Robert Bonack said Packaging Corp. was guilty of failing to prevent the ignition of flammable vapors and remiss in its duty to provide workers with appropriate personal protective equipment, which led to the serious injuries incurred by the worker.

During the past five years, five workers perished in workplace accidents at the same plant; two of the victims were fatally burned by ash in 2012, while the other three died in an explosion in 2008.

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