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Senator continues to work for change of medical malpractice laws

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Wisconsin state senator Nikiya Harris Dodd (Democrat of Milwaukee) plans to craft legislation to adjust medical malpractice laws in the state to allow more victims of this offense to sue offending parties in courthouses, the Journal-Sentinel reported on December 29.

Dodd said the goal of her bill is to allow every parent who loses a child due to the negligent practices of surgeons or hospitals to have their fair day in court. The same bill she crafted last year died at the committee level in December 2014.

Dodd’s plan came after a series of the Journal Sentinel’s published stories pertaining to how medical malpractice insurance companies make it impossible for plaintiffs to come forward or for litigators to touch their cases because of restrictions embedded in current medical malpractice laws.

As of Dec. 19, 2014, records showed that medical mediation requests in the state dropped to 113 in 2014 from 160 in 2013 and 410 in 1987.

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