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Two Wisconsin medical malpractice cases settled

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The estate of 56-year-old Kiel, Wisconsin resident Colleen Daniels was recently settled out of court. Daniels died in 2011 after a doctor erroneously inserted a breathing tube into her esophagus rather than her wind pipe and then refused to remove it despite being asked to do so by a paramedic and other medical personnel in an emergency room at Calumet Medical Center in Chilton.

In a related development, 28-year-old Deshawn Gray was able to collect $2.1 million from Wheaton Franciscan-St. Joseph Hospital in Milwaukee after his leg was amputated due to medical malpractice after a motorcycle accident in 2012. James Pitts, Gray’s lawyer, contended that the nurses at the hospital failed to properly inform his doctors of Gray’s leg’s condition during recovery from a surgery on his broken knee; had they acted responsibly, Gray’s leg could have potentially been saved.

It has been noted that medical malpractice claims in Wisconsin are not very prevalent; the state has instituted a myriad of laws and court rulings that provide limitations on possible plaintiffs and how much they can be awarded.

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